INDOS Company introduces first compact loader pump, the VEPER Peristaltic Pump

After long period of research, developement, engineering and testing, Indos Ltd. Company can finally announce a pump with unique design for universal usage.

Main task for research team was to found suitable way to transport (pump) concrete in heights at least three floors

There was three main performance requirements, starting with effect – min. 25 m3/h, low operating costs – hose life time min. 10000 m3, and construction should be as an attachment for our existing middle range Skid Steer Loader VEPER® L75.

The working principle of VEPER® Peristaltic Pump is based at biological process called peristalsis. This process is made of contraction and relaxation.

In our pump design we are using three specially developed compression rollers for highest efficiency. Thanks to design of compression rollers, our pump is less pulsating compared to models of other manufactures. Our design also includes three pairs of leading rollers for keeping the peristaltic hose perfectly centered.

Our Peristaltic pump provides excellent solution for pumping abrasive, corrosive or viscous media. Taking in consideration that there are no valves or seals makes this type of pump inexpensive to maintain. The only maintenance part is the peristaltic hose.

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